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Few parasites are as annoying and difficult to control as the Flea.


One Flea can bite up to 400 times a day

Adult Fleas can live up to 9 months unfed

It takes between 2 weeks to 8 months for a Flea to mature



At MPAH we work with the Clients to understand their home situation and the daily environment of the Patient to develop and recommend the best form of Flea Prevention, and if necessary Treatment.


There are multiple types of medications for Flea prevention. Each medication targets various stages in the Flea's life-cycle; consequently, for     successful prevention, it is imperative to continue with medication year round. 

The type of medication recommended by MPAH will depend on the Patient's medical history, and daily environment.


The Georgia Flea season is year round; therefore, we recommend prevention all year.


Treatment for Fleas means treating:

  1. The Patient
  2. All furry family members
  3. The Home interior & exterior
Our staff will work with each Client to make an individualized plan for treating all family members and the home and yard. Additionally, we offer products designed to eliminate Flea problems for all areas of the house and family.

The process can take some time.. but MPAH will be glad to work with you until you are Flea free!