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Mountain Park Animal Hospital


Some medical issues can arise with no visible outward indicators.

No worries! Here at MPAH we have an In-house Laboratory that give same day results!


Testing the Blood:

Types of Tests
What is Veterinarian looking for?
Blood Chemistries
How well organs, like the Kidney and Liver, are working
Complete Blood Counts
Signs of infection or anemia
Heartworm Tests
Does the Patient have Heartworms?
Intestinal Parasite Examinations
Does the Patient have intestinal worms?
Feline Immunodeficiency Tests
Does the Cat have Feline Immunodeficiency?
(a virus that can make it difficult for the Cat to develop normal immune responses thereby making them more susceptible to disease and infection)
Feline Leukemia Virus Test
Does the Cat have Feline Leukemia?
(a virus that suppresses the immune system making the cat more susceptible to disease & infection)


Testing the Urine:

Types of Tests
What is the Veterinarian looking for?
Signs of infection, kidney problems, or crystals
Culture & Sensitivity Identification of bacteria in urine in order to choose best treatment


Testing Lumps & Bumps:

Types of Tests What the Veterinarian is looking for?
Cytology Identification of cells in order to rule out or confirm cancer