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Client Care Specialist Position

  The purpose of the MPAH Client Care Specialist (CCS) is to facilitate the check-in and check-out of all patients entering the hospital, notating as accurately as possible the questions and concerns of the clients regarding the health and care of their pets needing to be addressed by the doctors and staff of Mountain Park Animal Hospital.  By obtaining the pet's history, client's observations and concerns and accurately passing this information on to the staff, it is the hope that all clients are receiving the best possible care they expect for their pets in a timely fashion.  Thus providing an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.  The duties below will be shared by the CCS Team but are not limited to:

1. Greet clients in a pleasant, smiling and courteous manner.

2. Prepare pet’s medical record notating reason for visit.

3. Inform veterinary assistants of client’s arrival and purpose of visit.

4. Answer telephone in a pleasant and courteous manner.

a.Take accurate phone messages for doctors and other staff members.
b. Smile while on the phone to project a happy voice to the client.

5. Schedule appointments for outpatient visits, surgery, boarding, baths and other treatments, remembering to verify current vaccinations.
Record detailed information as to the reason for the visit. Add invoice items as anticipated.

6. Prepare medical records for new clients, and maintain records for current clients in a neat and organized manner. Records include new client information, referrals, surgeries, boarding, hospitalization, and outpatient treatments.

7. Complete the MPAH Master Problem List on each record as indicated in the protocol. Update reminders for patients who may have received services/vaccines elsewhere and have provided us with a record of these treatments. Update these reminders in the patient’s computer file reminders.

8. When checking patients in for appointments, notate in the record all concerns of the owner to be addressed by the veterinarian and staff. Then circle all anticipated services on the travel sheet.

9. Order and/or duplicate, on the copier and/or in Cornerstone, client forms and consents used in the animal hospital for client files.

10. Computer Invoicing:

a. Enter new client and new pet information in computer file.
b. Update existing client and/or pet information when changes occur.
c. Enter treatments and services performed by the veterinarians and/or staff and/or items purchased into the computer, and provide the client with a printed invoice.
d. Review the invoice and charges with the client insuring they understand and accept it.
e. Review medication instructions for all medications dispensed, even if it is a refill.
f. Collect payments, i.e. cash, checks, credit & debit cards and Care Credit payments from the clients and post the payments in the computer to the client’s account.

11. Reinforce discharge instructions for surgery patients with the clients.

12. Prepare new and existing client records prior to date of appointment whenever possible and ensure appropriate forms and consents are used as required.

13. Call all clients with appointments for the next business day to confirm appointments and review any instructions.

14. Inform and remind clients of pre-surgery instructions prior to the date of surgery either in person if visiting the hospital, or on the telephone the day prior.

15. Send Welcome, Thank You and Sympathy cards to clients as needed.

16. Print callback list daily and prepare them with the patient records for doctors and staff members to call and check on patients and/or remind clients of services due for their pet. Perform any callbacks that are designated for the CCS staff and then complete them in the computer when finished.

17. Prepare animal and client reminder cards for vaccinations from daily callback list.

18. Review records completed by the doctors and assistants to ensure all information is documented properly and accurately to include vaccine labels, prescription labels and medical notes of services, treatments and products used. Make sure the last entry has been initialed by the person who made the entry, thus indicating their entry into the record is complete. Return these completed files correctly to shelves in alphabetical order.

19. Be prepared to answer client questions concerning the use of the following products and have a basic knowledge of the vaccine schedules for dogs and cats of any age.

a. Flea control
b. Dentistry products
c. Prescription diets
d. Shampoos and grooming aids
e. Heartworm prevention
f. Deodorizers

20. Keep all over the counter and food products stocked in the reception area. Notate on the order board when products are getting low and need to be reordered.

21. Keep the waiting area clean and orderly. Update magazines, books and pamphlets.

22. Keep front office reception area clean, neat and orderly.
Vacuum and dust weekly.

23. Maintain use of all office equipment and update answering machine with the appropriate recording of information for emergency care for clients to hear during the hours in which the hospital is closed.

24. Maintain client information center and have the most current information readily available to clients.

25. Assist all staff members to maintain general appearance and cleanliness of the animal hospital.

26. Review CCS duty checklists daily and help the CCS team complete these tasks.

27. Order Hill’s Prescription brand foods for clients by placing their request in the Want List under the inventory tab on the computer system. (See separate protocol).

28. Call and/or email Daily Heartworm Prevention reminders each day.

29. Send spay and neuter reminders each month to clients with puppies and kittens who have reached 6 months of age.

30. Update bulletin boards with current displays for clients’ information as available.

31. Update the Lost and Found/Adoptions bulletin board on a monthly basis.

32. Monthly, send yearly vaccination and physical exam reminders to clients for their pets which are due that month.

33. Order supplies and forms for client records as needed.

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