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Your MPAH Veterinarian may suggest an Ultrasound be performed.

  • This is a non-invasive way to get a moving picture of what is going on inside your fur baby.
  • Ultrasound at MPAH are day visits, where you will drop off your baby in the morning and pickup in the afternoon.

We are very happy to say that this imaging can be done right here at MPAH!

What to expect...

Before scheduling the Ultrasound:

  1. During an Examination your MPAH Veterinarian will discuss with you the reasons they recommend an Ultrasound on your baby. They will explain why it is recommended and what we hope the Ultrasound will show. 
  2. Once you have approved to go forward with the Ultrasound we will need several dates, from you, when would be best to schedule the procedure. 
  3. We then confer with our traveling Ultrasound Veterinarian to let us know which of the dates you listed will work for them to come on site.

After scheduling the Ultrasound:

  1. The morning of the appointment you will drop off your baby for a day visit with us here at MPAH. 
  2. After you leave the MPAH team will prep your baby for the Ultrasound, depending on what we are trying to see. 
  • This will include: Checking the Patient's weight, temperature, lymph nodes, and coat (for Fleas).
  • This may also include: Shaving the area the Ultrasound probe will need to rest on
  1. Our traveling Ultrasound Veterinarian will come in and, with your MPAH Veterinarian, perform the Ultrasound. 
  2. After the procedure is complete your MPAH Veterinarian will contact you with the results and their recommendations going forward. They will also let you know when you are able to come get your baby.