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According to the American Humane Society around 10 million Dogs & Cats go missing every year.
Without Identification 90% of Pets don't come home again.


This is why, at MPAH, we offer to Microchip your furry baby with Home Again microchips.

What does this involve?

  • Microchip placement is a simple procedure that can be done without anesthesia or hospital stay, and is similar to a routine vaccination or shot.
  • We recommend the Microchip to be placed during routine procedures such as: Dental Cleanings,  Spay/Neuters, etc.
  • We also offer microchip placement during routine office procedures as well!

How does it work?

Each microchip is equipped with a unique ID number that is accessible to over 50,000 scanners in the U.S. at virtually all Shelters and Veterinarian Clinics. (

After Placement MPAH will do your initial registration with Home Again. This will link your information to your Pet's new chip!