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Mountain Park Animal Hospital



Veterinary Assistants at Mountain Park Animal Hospital are an important part of our hospital team. Hard work and a caring demeanor by Veterinary Assistants help the health care team of Mountain Park Animal Hospital to provide the best customer service and medical care possible. All Veterinary Assistants will be punctual and professional both in appearance and manners.

The Veterinary Assistant’s duties will include but are not limited to:

1. Taking care of boarding and hospitalized Patients – exercising, feeding, medicating, and cleaning up after these animals

2. Cleaning and keeping boarding kennel in a neat excellent condition

3. Bathing Patients – trimming nails, expressing anal sacs and cleaning the outer ear canal.

4. Applying medicated dips to patients requiring such dips

5. Preparing Client and Patient for Doctors’ exam by asking required patient history questions and obtaining samples and temperature, pulse, and respiration

6. Preparing all equipment Doctor needs for patient visit and assist doctor in the exam room while holding patient for exam; Assistant must be able to lift a 40 lbs. patient

7. Running appropriate laboratory test such as heartworm and fecal tests for Patients as requested by Doctor

8. Performing all hospital maintenance needed to allow hospital to remain in excellent condition

9. Assisting Doctors in surgery – preparing all needed equipment, caring for the Patient and following to take care of area after surgeries

10. Learning how to take and develop x-rays

11. Assisting receptionists as needed (after appropriate training)

12. Assisting doctors with Client education (after appropriate training)

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Mountain Park Animal Hospital
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